St Chad Street

St Chad Street



The challenge was to provide a natural copper finish with variation, as well as being highly durable and with no risk of copper bleed onto the surrounding stone pavement.



Using a natural copper applied to the surface, we then aged it and worked it by hand which included a very durable blackening process followed by an excellent natural wax product to seal the finish.



The Kings Cross area has recently been experiencing intense redevelopment and has attracted international companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Now used as a church, this building was a former, somewhat dilapidated, pub and the original design dates back to 1850.  It is located a 10 minute walk from St Pancras Square and a mere 2 minute walk from St Chad’s Place.

St Chad’s Place was named after St Chad’s Well, one of many healing wells that were once in the area prior to development, dating back to at least the 1700s.

Interestingly, the area now known as King’s Cross was called Battle Bridge until a statue of King George IV was erected in 1836.  The name Battle Bridge commemorated Boudicca’s final battle against the Romans – Kings Cross is certainly an area with significant history!

Project Data

Location – Kings Cross, London WC1H

Sector – Civic & Culture

Completion – 2015

Items Coated – Street Front Façade

System – Aged Metal Coating

Durability – External

Finish – MTL251 – Copper Age

MTL251 Copper Age