Pavilion H

Rust Finish at Granary Square, Kings Cross, London



One of the challenges for the client and architect was achieving a high-quality rust finish. This was required across different and varying substrates, in structural, decorative and cladding areas.

The project consisted not only of cast iron balustrades, in mild steel frames with mild steel backing panels, but also a lift shaft façade clad with aluminium ‘C’ channels and window frames from mild steel section, all of which needed to have a uniformly high quality finish throughout.

There was also the requirement for the finish to have a high degree of durability, to withstand a great deal of public use, but without frequent maintenance.

We were also seeking to match the finish from the façade of a building that had inspired the architect.



After an initial design brief with the architect, Bradleys R & D Team produced sample plates using specialist techniques. The team adopted processes from our existing Bradleys Oxide Range® and developed them to achieve a finish that would work on various substrates, have extended durability and most importantly achieved the architect’s vision.

Whilst presenting our sample plates during a design meeting, there is no better feeling than hearing “that’s the one!” from the architect.



Pavilion H is the latest development to be completed at King’s Cross. The 67 acre site at King’s Cross has an affluent history and is one of the largest redevelopments in London.

The pavilion connects Granary Square to Coal Drops Yard and incorporates an access lift, public WC and a retail unit. Pavilion H, designed by Bell Phillips Architects, draws on inspiration from the area’s industrial and railway heritage, with the decorative cast iron façade featuring patterns driven by the chemical structure of coal. The decorative façade encases the building which can be seen rising from Coal Drops Yard and forms the balustrades around the perimeter to Granary Square.

Pavilion H is the third addition to the public realm at King’s Cross following on from Gasholder Park and Jellicoe Gardens.

Project Data

Location – Kings Cross, London N1C

Sector – Retail & Public

Completion – 2019

Items Coated – Balustrades, facia plates, window & door frames, lift cladding

System – Bradleys Oxide Range®

Durability – 15 years External

Finish – Bradfound Antique Rust

BRADfound Antique Rust I