Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier



To provide a quality hard-wearing coating to mild steel balustrade situated on the Parade Extension.

The coating must withstand the abrasive nature of the environment – situated on the sea-front the balustrade is subject to extreme elements, abrasion aggression and mechanical wear from the sea and from public handling.

The coating must protect every surface of the balustrade, including the corners created by the balustrade design.

A further critical part of the challenge was to remove many years of build-up of paint some of which contained quantities of lead.



The balustrade was coated in an extremely tough hard-wearing finish with a Life to First Major Maintenance of 20 Years. Having had real-time experience on other waterside projects, we were able to confidently recommend this finish.

Specialist removal was also employed to remove all traces of lead paint to ensure the safety of our workers.



The 910ft Victorian pleasure pier in Hastings, first built in 1869 and opened in 1872, was closed in 2008 due to safety reasons before being ravaged by fire in 2010.

This historic pier underwent a £14million restoration and was re-opened in 2016.

It has been designed without a building at the end of the pier, instead there is a large open platform extending over the sea, providing a calm yet inspiring space that’s open to the public.

The design of the restored pier not only acknowledges the historic past, but also nods to an Italian 1930s villa on Punta Massullo, Capri, known as Casa Malaparte or Villa Malaparte.

The balustrading plays an essential part in the image and experience on a pier – they will be under constant surveillance, whether people are looking through the balustrades on to the pier, or looking over the balustrades out to sea.  It was critical to ensure the Victorian balustrades were restored to as close to their former glory as possible and provide a strong barrier against further corrosion, a challenge that Bradleys enjoyed mastering! 

This pier has been awarded the RIBA South East Award 2017, RIBA South East Project Architect of the Year 2017 and RIBA South East Client of the Year 2017 as well as the RIBA National Award 2017 and RIBA Stirling Prize 2017.

“Lovely refurbished pier.”

“You have to visit it if in the area.”

“An amazing piece of regeneration and well worth a visit.” 

Project Data

Location – Hastings

Sector – Sport & Leisure

Completion – 2015

Items Coated – Balustrades

System – Wet Spray

Durability – 20+ Years External

Finish – RAL6009 Gloss

RAL 6009 - Fir green