Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House Sculptures



To coat intricately detailed ‘line drawing’ sculptures in a strong coating to withstand the elements and public handling, whilst ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The coating must avoid highlighting fabrication and weld marks or distorting the sculptures and to remain close to 100% blemish free.



Bradleys coated the sculptures in a thermal pure zinc coating.

This provided a strong anti-corrosion barrier that will withstand the weather for at least 20 years without the infamous weld-lift and without distorting the sculptures.

Then followed the expertly applied brightly coloured top coats.



In Derbyshire, nestled in the heart of the Peak District by the river Derwent, is the Chatsworth estate.

Many famous people have been to Chatsworth, including Mary Queen of Scots who came both as a guest and as a prisoner!

The 105 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens include a water cascade, water features, many separate gardens and a maze, the perfect backdrop for these stunning sculptures.

There were a total of 12 sculptures by Michael Craig-Martin, including a Pink High-Heeled Stiletto Shoe, Orange Umbrella, Purple Umbrella, Pink Garden Fork, Yellow Garden Fork and a Red Wheelbarrow that delicately stand at about twice your height!

Project Data

Location – Derbyshire

Sector – Sculptures

Completion – 2014

Items Coated – Multiple sculptures

System – Powder Coat

Durability – 25+ Years External

Finish – Multiple colours

Photography courtesy of Louise Norman © 2018