Abrasive Blasting & Sand Blasting

Abrasive Blasting

Blasting is the most effective way of providing a key for superior surface coating adhesion. The process removes unwanted blemishes and redefines the surface with new texture, ensuring that the early stages of the project start with a solid foundation. This is also an excellent way of removing rust and millscale to provide a good clean, profiled surface. As well as chilled iron grit and mineral sand media, other blasting finishes can be achieved by using a range of glass beads to provide aesthetic finishes on stainless steel and aluminium.

Abrasive blasting is very much the pre-requisite to many of Bradleys coating systems. Depending on the specified finish we work to BS 7079 SA 3 of BS EN 13438: Annex B. A good example of the texture and finish of abrasive blasting can be seen on the Bob Dylan Black Buffalo Ironworks project.

This ensures a good cleanliness of substrate along with the required and measured profile for long life adhesion.

Shot blast operative in action - abstract close-up

Sand Blasting

Sand blasting involves high-pressure application of an abrasive onto a metal. This process is an effective preliminary stage that can be used across a range of projects. The primary objective is to remove rust and corrosion and roughen the surface for increased adhesion when coating or painting. The process is also recognised throughout industry as the standard for sweep-blasting galvanized metal.

At Bradleys we provide expert, environmentally controlled mineral sand blasting for steel fabrications and metal components. This process thoroughly cleans or prepares the surface of the metal without affecting its structure or integrity.