Wet Paint Spraying & Coating

Wet Paint Spraying

Wet paint spraying is a traditional surface coating method which is applied using a variety of liquid coatings – such as epoxy, glass flake epoxy or polyurethane – to a previously prepared surface. For more details on the range of preparations that we offer please visit the blasting pages.

Wet paint spraying comes in a range of different colours and can be used on top of a metal or multi-coat systems, dependent on project requirement. Bradleys are able to offer advice on which system is best suited to your project or environment. If you are unsure if wet paint spraying is the best metal coating option for your project, please get in touch. We would be happy to give you alternative options to help you to finish your project to the highest quality.

Wet Paint Spraying From Bradleys

Bradleys are experienced applicators of most wet spray systems and use modern technology including airless wet spray methods which increase the scope of our capabilities. Backed by 30 years of experience in this field, Bradleys can advise and specify suitable paint systems to meet the requirements of your project and its environment.

Based on this experience and our customer led approach, we provide commercial partners (such as architects, fabricators and contractors) with support that is reliable and cost effective. We pride ourselves not only on our relationships with our customers, but also with the entire metal finishing industry. These relationships allow us to provide very competitive quoting, fast turn around times and additional support which may not be available elsewhere.

Nationwide Wet Paint Spraying

As with all our projects, we can work on a nationwide scale. We cater particularly for metal finishing projects in East and South East of the country, including coating in London and Kent. Please contact us to find out more about how we can service your wet paint spraying requirements.

Wet Paint Spraying Services

Our wet paint spraying services can be used on all types of metalwork including façade systems, balustrades and staircases, internal and external environments including sea front and marine.

Bradleys expertise also covers dual colour systems where more than one colour is required on a fabrication. Starting with powder coat, followed by precision masking and wet spray in a different colour to provide the required contrast.

Wet spray opertive coating window frames
Wet spray operative in action close-up