Bespoke Finishes

At Bradley’s Metal Finishers we know that no two projects are the same, and as such they demand different requirements and specifications in their treatment or finish. For when an ‘out-of-the-box’ finish just won’t do, we offer a range of bespoke options to ensure that you get the right finish and the best coating to continue with your project.


MET103 – Buckingham Age Brass
Buckingham Age Brass
MET104 – Mid-Antique Brass
Mid-Antique Brass
MET105 – Brass Antique Aurichalum
Brass Antique Aurichalum
MET109 – Mid-Antique Warm Brass
Mid-Antique Warm Brass
MET115 – Bronze Aegean 3200BC
Bronze Aegean 3200BC
MET116 – Bronze Antique Modern
Bronze Antique Modern
MET116 V – Bronze Verde
Bronze Verde
MET116 V
MET117 – Bronze Black
Bronze Black
MET118 – Old Penny Bronze
Old Penny Bronze
METCB010 – Custom Aged Brass
Custom Aged Brass


MTL451 Zinc Age – 716 Grade II
Zinc Age – 716 Grade I
MTL451 Zinc Age – 905 Grade II
Zinc Age – 917 Grade II
MTL451 Zinc Age - Imperial
Zinc Age – Imperial Grade II


STE710 D – Bronze Sheen Dark
Bronze Sheen Dark
STE710 D
Silver-Black Steel
STE701 – Coal-Black Steel
Coal-Black Steel
External view Gasholders Building London

Bradleys Oxide Range®

BRADfound Antique Rust I
BRADfound Antique Rust I
BRADfound Antique Rust II
BRADfound Antique Rust II
Rust III
BRADfound Antique Rust III
External view lift cadding Granary Square London

Bradleys Vantage Range®


Gold Brass - BR0419
Gold Brass
BR L0419
Regal Brass - BR10416
Regal Brass
BR 10416
Tarnished Brass - BR0609
Tarnished Brass
BR 0609


BR0516 Contemporary Bronze
Contemporary Bronze
BR L0516
Charcoal Bronze - BR0511
Charcoal Bronze
BR L0511
Heritage Bronze - BR0320
Heritage Bronze
BR 0320
Midnight Bronze - BR0416
Midnight Bronze
BR L0416
Oiled Bronze - BR0700
Oiled Bronze
BR 0700
Statue Bronze - BR0418
Statue Bronze
BR L0418
Tudor Bronze - BR0341
Tudor Bronze
BR 0341
Weathered Bronze - BR0612
Weathered Bronze
BR L0612


Gilded Gold - BR0200
Gilded Gold
BR 0200
Honey Gold - BR10417
Honey Gold
BR L10417
Medallion Gold - BR0716
Medallion Gold
BR L0716
Peaceful Gold - BR10414
Peaceful Gold
BR L10414


Arum - BR10103
BR 10103
Black Soot - BR10109
Black Soot
BR 10109
Charcoal - BR0508
BR 0508
Gingerbread - BR10506
BR 10506
Golden Amber - BR10504
Golden Amber
BR 10504
Heirloom Silver - BR0400
Heirloom Silver
BR 0400
Silver Sand - BR0507
Silver Sand
BR 0507
Storm Grey - BR10204
Storm Grey
BR 10204
Colours, gloss levels, metallic effects and textures represented here are limited by technology and may vary due to screen, browser and printer settings.
We cannot guarantee an exact match in colours and finishes and, as such, the images and information on this website should not be relied on.