Bradleys Q-Zinc System | Thermal Zinc Metal Spraying

Q-Zinc | Thermal Zinc Metal Spraying

Q-Zinc, the Hot Zinc Thermal Spraying process is an anti-corrosive protection system used for very long life coating requirements.

Bradley’s Q-Zinc use modern thermal arcspray technology for spraying pure zinc metal wire. In this thermal spray process, the zinc wire is melted, atomised and sprayed in molten form onto the blasted substrate to create a rich durable coating.

Benefits of Q-Zinc | Thermal Zinc Spraying

  • No dross produced with Zinc Spray, hence eliminating fettling of components (eg Handrails) which can invalidate galvanizer’s anti-corrosive warranty.
  • No weld lift with Zinc Spray. Welds remain completely flat and consistent.
  • Low heat input during Hot Zinc spraying eliminates the risk of the thermal distortion of fabrications (especially thin walled frames and curtain walling).
  • No drilling of sealed hollow section required with Hot Zinc Spraying.
  • Hot Zinc can be applied to a far greater coating thickness accuracy ranging from 50 microns to 250 microns. We have total control over the zinc thickness applied.
  • Thermal Sprayed Metal Coatings are the only coating systems recognised by International and European Standards EN ISO 14713 as giving greater than 20 years to first maintenance in very aggressive environments such as the marine splash zone category lm2 (see EN ISO 14173 Table 2 section g).
  • Hot Zinc Sprayed Metal Coatings provide far superior bond strength for paint systems as it provides an excellent profile unlike ‘shiny’ galvanized coatings.
  • Hot Zinc Sprayed components finished with one of our paint systems will produce a superior aesthetic finish.
  • Eliminates Health and Safety issues with razor edges and spikes etc (especially on handrails/wallrails).
Powder Coating and Wet Spraying over Q-Zinc Sprayed Components
  • Zinc Sprayed components can be powder coated or wet sprayed to produce a beautiful blend of corrosion resistance and superb appearance. Bradleys have developed two unique coating systems for hot zinc sprayed components click here.
Quality Assurance and Approvals
  • To ensure the highest standards of Quality are consistently achieved, Bradleys are accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and Qualisteelcoat for systems MS1 (one coat system over zinc) and MS2 (two coat system over zinc – primer and topcoat). That means we are audited once a year by an independent inspection organisation to demonstrate that the process is being tested regularly. Also, test panels are taken and tested in the laboratory for corrosion and mechanical resistance.
  • Bradleys are probably the only metal finishing company in the UK who have their Zinc Spray systems tested and approved by some of the world’s leading powder manufacturers.
  • To give you total reassurance we are able to offer long life warranties on our coatings, subject to terms and conditions.
Recommended Application for Q-Zinc Sprayed Components
  • Balustrades and Balconies
  • Curtain Walling
  • Security Door Systems
  • Staircases
  • Handrails and Wallrails
  • Decorative Steelwork
  • Gates and Railings
  • Sculptures
Hot zinc operative in action
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