Metalite® – Pure Metal Coatings Collection

A quality range of outstanding and unrivaled Metalite finishes that will bring luxury to the surface of any project.

Using our knowledge and expertise in metal coating of over 50 years, we have brought together the highest quality materials to introduce a range of pure metal coatings. These have been designed to be very resilient and also give an opulent finish to any project.

Highly distinguished metals are applied using seamless technology, which transforms them giving immediate prestige to any metalwork.

The Metalite range of natural metals brings reality within reach. Bronze, Brass, Copper and other metals are applied to the surface, taking your project from good to great. Virtually any material can be coated and this real metal alternative to paint. It can then be aged, distressed or polished and waxed, or simply left to age as a natural metal.

The timeless collection boasts an increasing range of contemporary shades with strong, expressive appeal which, adds richness and identity to any project.

The art of careful craftsmanship is embodied with discerning taste, enabling architects and designers to create a masterpiece time and time again.

Close-up of Gold Range

Gold Range

Bright Gold, Regal Gold, Warm Gold, Rosé Gold and Green Gold.

Close-up of Brass Metalite

Brass Range

ConcertMaster Full-Tone Brass, Antique Aurichalum 3300-1800 BC, Antique – Post 1900 and Brushed Brass.

Close-up of Bronze Range

Bronze Range

Full-Tone – Polished, Antique – Modern, Aegean Bronze 3200 BC, Brushed Bronze.

Close-up of Copper Range

Copper Range

Full-Tone and Oxidized Pale Green.

Close-up of Iron Metalite

Iron Range

Downtown Iron, Ancient/Beaten Iron and Rust by Design.

Zinc Range

Imperial Zinc Age and Brushed Zinc.

Other Finishes Available

With an appetite for progression Bradleys are constantly adding finishes and effects to the Metalite range. As a renowned solution provider and market leader we are able to assist and advise with whatever finish you may require, you can see an application of our Metalite on the rejuvenation project at Battersea Power Station.

All of these superb finishes can have a further treatment process which will hold the finish, or simply be left to age naturally.

For further infomation please download our Metalite brochure.