Anti-Bacterial Coatings

Anti-Bacterial Coatings

Steel and other metals are a good choice for hygiene-critical applications. However, even with rigorous cleaning regimes, there’s always the risk of harmful bacteria, funguses and viruses collecting on the surface.

Anti-bacterial or anti-microbial metal coatings provide a practical solution to further reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses being spread through contact with metal surfaces. Vantage Medi-coat is a high-grade polyester powder containing robust antimicrobial technology to combat bacteria and mould, and provide essential support for a clean working environment.

These coatings are well suited to steel based, zinc sprayed, stainless steel and aluminium substrates. Designed for hygiene important areas where attention to antimicrobial standards is paramount. Works well in areas of high public use and provides a clean, decorative, long-life finish.

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We hope that these new coatings will inspire your creativity in designing safe projects for the future.