Hot Zinc Spray vs. Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Zinc Spray vs. Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Zinc Spray – the prestigious alternative to Hot Dip Galvanizing

Offering a range of benefits, the versatile Hot Zinc Thermal Spraying Process is increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional Hot Dip Galvanizing.

For over a century Hot Dip Galvanizing has been the favoured process for adding a zinc-based weather-protective coating to metals such as steel, iron or aluminium. However, it has its limitations, including possible heat distortion and the need for holes to be drilled in solid items to suspend them in the molten zinc bath.

That’s why more and more fabricators are turning to Thermal Zinc Spraying as an alternative to Hot Dip Galvanizing. A process of applying molten zinc with a handgun applicator, it’s a high-performance anti-corrosive protection system, which offers exceptional long-term durability. Using Hot Zinc Spray can also produce a superior final powder coat finish in comparison with a Hot Dip Galvanized base coat.

Hot Zinc Spray – the benefits

Hot Zinc Spray can be applied in a much more dense coating thickness (up to 250 microns) than Hot Dip Galvanizing. Because the zinc coating is textured, it also provides an excellent base for paint coats without the need for etch priming.

Because no dross is produced, there’s no need for fettling, which can invalidate the galvanizer’s anti-corrosive warranty. There’s also no weld lift – welds remain completely flat and consistent.

Safe and sustainable

One of the key advantages of Hot Zinc Spraying is that it’s a low heat process. With no potential for heat distortion, it’s ideal for finishing railings, balustrades and balconies, eliminating the risk of dangerous razor edges and ‘spikes’ on the handrails. As a low-impact process, it’s also ideal for decorative steelwork and sculptures.

Using a low heat process helps reduce the metal finisher’s carbon footprint, reducing energy usage and the consequent impact on the environment.

Quality assured

Thermal sprayed coatings are the only coating systems recognised by international and European Standards ENISO 14713.  That means they deliver 20+ years’ performance to first maintenance, even in challenging environments such as marine splash zones.