A great start to a great finish

It's not just our 50+ years of experience that makes us
the reliable choice for all kinds of metal finishing.
Quality assurance is embedded in every part of our business.
Our accreditations include ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001
and Qualisteelcoat.

metal-finishing-service-suffolk Industry-leading specialists
in metal finishing

We're experts in metal finishing, providing high-quality
powder coating and wet spray services for architectural features,
manufacturing components and sculptures.
We work closely with fabricators, architects,
the construction industry and manufacturers.

Simple, honest, on-time,
quality service

Lots of companies talk about great customer service. We deliver it.
We always go further to offer you ideas, advice and support.
We also understand how vital it is to meet your budget and deadline.

Our coatings protect your reputation

We specialise in providing lasting and reliable coating solutions and services for a multitude of substrates and applications.

With modern and purpose-built facilities, backed by over 50 years experience and trading in the coating industry, Bradleys host a variety of processes including a range of pre-treatments, media blasting, zinc and galvanize treatments, powder coating and wet paint spray systems, to name but a few.

Success comes through great combinations; the irreplaceable advantage of experience, the ability to achieve a consistent quality result, and the application of a practical and forward-thinking view are key features that have awarded Bradleys with a position of respect and leadership in the UK market.

Long Lasting Metal Coating & Finishing

Bradleys Metal Finishers offer long term protection on steel and other metal products against rust to ensure an eco-friendly, cost effective and sustainable answer to metal galvanization and coating. By working through a number of treatments – from pre-treatments and base coating to colour matching and bespoke finishing – we can provide a full-service option across a range of project types.

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